Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I Watched: The LA Complex Finale, Game of Thrones, & More

Live-ish: The L.A. Complex, "Burn It Down (EP106)" - I like finales that burn everything down (usually metaphorically), so I was excited that they went for it and just called this "Burn It Down." This was a great finale capping off a really solid season, though I must admit I'm more interested in everyone else than Nick (who is really THE WORST, huh?) or Cassie. The CW still hasn't confirmed that this is coming back, but here's hoping.

Live+7: Game of Thrones, "Blackwater (EP209)" - This episode was quite good in general, but what really stood out to me was how great Peter Dinklage is. Not that that's news, but this was a great showcase for him. This one was also more limited in points of view, which I think really worked, though of course I missed Robb, Jon, etc.

Veep, "Baseball (EP106)" - I'm still adoring this show, and I really didn't expect that they would actually have Selina be pregnant. I thought they would take the whole episode to use all the jokes, and then have it all be a false alarm. So I'm really fascinated to see what they do next.

Catching Up: The Killing, "Undertow (EP109)" - Linden wore a new sweater! The teacher's wife became particularly interesting this episode. I still love Holder. Etc.

On the list... Cougar Town, because I tried to watch live but the beginning was preempted for storm coverage. Hatfields and McCoys.

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