Thursday, May 17, 2012

What I Watched: Revenge, Apt 23, & More

Live-ish: Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23, "It's Just Sex... (EP106)" - Between this and The L.A. Complex, apparently it's sex tape week! This was another solid episode, and this may wind up being my favorite new comedy of the year. (Wait. Is it the only new comedy I still watch? Maybe.) I particularly like the way they're not obviously trying to make us pull for James to get together with either girl. And he continues to just be a delight.

Revenge, "Grief (EP121)" - Oh, NOLAN. Trying to be Emily's moral compass is a dangerous job. (Though I refuse to believe he's not okay.) This episode was clearly trying to make us think they're tending toward Emily/Jack, though I still find that love triangle to be one of the least interesting parts of the show. All the scheming is much more interesting - and especially the question of where each character will draw the line of what they will or won't do. After this episode, I am both excited and a little scared for the finale, which is, after all, what a penultimate episode is supposed to accomplish.

Catching up: Grimm, "Let Your Hair Down (EP107)" - I'm still catching up slowly and enjoying the show; still don't have a lot to say about individual episodes. I did like the twist on "raised by wolves" here.

Missing, "Measure of a Man (EP107)," "Answers (EP108)," & "Promise (EP109)" - Somewhere in the middle of these three episodes, I decided that this show actually has a lot of potential - just in time for the series finale tonight, of course. I called the (apparent) Big Bad about half an episode before the reveal, so that was satisfying, and the show has gotten steadily more enjoyable as the relationships and conspiracies get more complex. I'm especially fascinated by Dax and Giancarlo, though I'll admit that the show suffers a bit from Elena Gilbert Syndrome - everyone cares a lot about Becca, and sometimes the reasons for this don't really seem clear. But I'm really curious to see how things are wrapped up tonight, and sad that we won't get to see the fallout of the Becca/Paul/Giancarlo situation.

On the list... White Heat

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