Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Morning Coffee (6/13/12)

Happy Wednesday! It's cold and rainy and Dallas is coming back to TV tonight. So there's that.

The Olympics opening ceremonies are going to be awesome. Sheep! Cricket! The Glastonbury Tor!

Heartbreaking story of the day: Arranged Marriages Drive Many Iraqi Girls to Suicide

Talk about missing the point. Of, like, the entire concept of fiction.

Alyssa keeps making good points about how it's not in HBO's interests to let you have whatever you want however you want it: Cord Cutters and Time Shifters v. The Rest of the Country

I love this: Stately Sandwiches

The Awl has a good take on Gone with the Wind.

Sexposition, Spartacus, and the male gaze

I've liked some of David Carr's work in the past, but what he's saying about movie criticism is either deliberately obnoxious or mind-blowingly stupid, and either way, it makes me totally uninterested in reading anything else he writes ever.

Fun: The Childhood Homes of 20 Famous Authors

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