Friday, June 15, 2012

Morning Coffee (6/15/12)


Congratulations, Libba Bray! Can't wait to read/watch this.

Can "Call Me Maybe" explain the euro crisis? Sure, why not?

This is a bracket I'd like to see: "Picture a bracket-style Fictional Police Brood-Off in which all those moody cops populating the international television landscape would compete to see who could convey the most while saying the least."

Adorable polar bear cubs are adorable.

Progress: Turkey to introduce Kurdish as language in schools

Ann Rutherford, the actress who played Carreen in Gone with the Wind, has died at 94. Apparently this means the actress who played Melanie is the only one still alive. Aww.

Is this the Golden Age of trash culture?

Aww: WWII Veteran, 85, Graduates from College

Oh my gosh, look at the adorable nerd skirts!

Neandertals: Maybe artier than we thought.

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