Friday, June 22, 2012

Morning Coffee (6/22/12)

Sorry for the sudden lack of a post yesterday. I woke up to a very sick cat - he's now in the hospital and on the mend, though he'll have to go back in for surgery next week.

Since I need to stop obsessing about that, let's look at the Duchess of Cambridge and her sister wearing pretty dresses to weddings.

The Yarn Harlot's post is by far the most reasonable thing I've read about the Ravelympics issue.

I thought there was something wrong with me because none of the previews for Brave looked good, but no, it sounds like it's actually just dreadful.

"I want to take this sentence, drag it out into the backyard, and beat it to death with a shovel."

CBS put out the best fake press release of all time.

Eighteenth century France has a message HBO needs to hear.

E.B. White was pretty awesome.

Good publicity or bad publicity? Depends.

Whoa: The statues of Easter Island could have “walked” into place.

Historical pictures of people in D.C. eating ice cream? Why not?

Awesome Books to Replace Your Favorite Cancelled TV Shows

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