Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Morning Coffee (6/26/12)

Someone stole Jody Rosen's bike. Twitter found it.

Infinite Kittens

Ooh, interesting: Vintage aerial photography of Britain, now online.

Police have concluded that Dylan McDermott's mom was killed by her mobster boyfriend in 1967, but I'm basically just bringing it up because apparently it happened in the city of my birth.

Huh. Anglo-Saxon woman buried with cow.

Ever wonder about the elevator S button?

If you haven't seen the Aaron Sorkin supercut yet, here you go. Warning: May make you need to rewatch everything Sorkin's ever done.

Heh. Twitquistion: A Brave Media Member Is Forced to Answer for a Pro-Newsroom Tweet

This list of Sorkin's ten best episodes isn't exactly what I would have come up with, but I don't really object to any of the choices.

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