Thursday, June 28, 2012

Morning Coffee (6/28/12)

Muse is doing the official Olympic song.

The tower that holds Big Ben is being renamed Elizabeth Tower in honor of the Queen's Jubilee.

Perfect: Business phrases that need to go

What Finger-Counting Says About You and Your Brain is interesting, but at this point I automatically count with American Sign Language number signs, so . . . I guess that says something else.

10 Signs You're Watching an Aaron Sorkin Show

Rufus Sewell and Michelle Dockery starring in a British spy thriller? SURE.

The Education System That Pulled China Up May Now Be Holding It Back

Well, this is awful: Some guy deliberately molded his girlfriend's tastes to make them acceptable to him, and then of course was dismayed when she empathized with the dolls on Dollhouse.

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  1. I read that last link when you tweeted it yesterday, and it just made me feel very uncomfortable. I'm a nerd girl (both gamer and tv, which seemed to be his areas of emphasis) and it just turned my stomach in a gross, controlling way.