Friday, June 29, 2012

Morning Coffee (6/29/12)

FRIDAY. Finally.

People are saying they'll move to Canada to avoid universal health care. Good luck with that!

A beautiful piece of writing: Lena Dunham on Nora Ephron. Also: Nora Ephron's Hollywood ending.

Magic Mike comes out today! Check out Magic Mike: The Gathering cards, and the rules of magic in Magic Mike. Hee.

I honestly don't understand authors who want to limit the ways people can read.

Whoa! Brazil is letting some prisoners shorten their sentences by reading.

War on women: Afghanistan edition.

Slang: Older than you thought.

A Palestinian Village Tries to Protect a Terraced Ancient Wonder of Agriculture

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  1. Move to Canada to avoid Universal Health Care? That is hilarious.

    He does have a point about e*books. Easier if you have the technology but a lot harder to access if you don't. Also: tree books, better. IMO. Obviously.