Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Message

(This is basically instead of What I Watched today, because all I watched yesterday was Jubilee-related coverage and documentaries.)

A quick word about why I find this all so interesting: on an intellectual level, I find it fascinating to see how the royal family negotiates the intersection of history and modern celebrity, and on an emotional level, I care because I always have, because I grew up caring. My grandmother was a big royal-watcher, so I associate it with her. I didn't really watch much TV or listen to current music as a kid, so I think the way other people feel about actors and musicians they "grew up with" is roughly the way I feel about the members of the royal family.

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  1. The queen is a legend! I think she is a great role model and a very hard worker! Can't believe every thing she has done for this Jubilee at her age! And then trudging on even though the poor duke of Edinburgh was in hospital!

    I was really quite worried about visiting London this weekend - but everything turned out really well! We had heard some awful stuff in the news about the tube lines and horror stories about people getting stuck over night in the tunnels! But thankfully we did not have any trouble at all getting from our London serviced apartment to Buckingham Palace for the concert!!

    I have complete faith in us for the Olympics now!!