Sunday, June 10, 2012

What I Watched: Borgen, The Killing, Fairly Legal

(Combining Friday and Saturday because I forgot to post this yesterday...)

Catching Up: Fairly Legal, "Ripple of Hope (EP208)" - Okay, this show is finally starting to hook me. Maybe. A little. I think. We'll see. Maybe I'll actually catch up by the finale.

The Killing, "Orpheus Descending (EP113)," "Reflections (EP201)," "My Lucky Day (EP202)" - I watched the season one finale and two-part season two premiere only a day apart, which I'm sure was a much less frustrating experience than actually watching the show as it aired. I didn't mind how season one ended because I knew it was coming, but I definitely understand why people were so angry, especially given the way it was marketed. At this point in season two, I really just want Holder and Linden to start working together again.

Borgen - I've been marathoning this so I can get through the whole first season before it expires. THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD. I would happily elect Birgitte Nyborg to any post I could.

On the list... Common Law, Fairly Legal

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  1. Fairly Legal would be so much better if Kate didn't come off as such a nitwit.