Monday, June 4, 2012

What I Watched: Game of Thrones Finale, Borgen, & More

Live-ish: Game of Thrones, "Valar Morghulis (EP210)" - Well, that season finale seemed to come quickly. While I'm still liking the show, I thought this season was somewhat uneven - I loved everything taking place in King's Landing, but got impatient with most of the other stories, and that didn't happen when I read the book. (Dany, particularly, was one of my favorites in the books so far but is just not that interesting on the show.) And a few of the stories, especially Jon's, I found hard to follow even having read the books, so I'm not sure how people who are new to the story did with it. But the court intrigue is still great, and Tyrion is still the best, and I loved the moment between Sansa and Baelish, as they're two of my favorites. I'm going to try to read the rest of the books before season three starts, so we'll see if that helps my comprehension level.

Longmire, "Pilot (EP101)" - I really like this new procedural so far. Read my thoughts about it at TheTelevixen.

Live+7: Breaking Pointe, "Survival of the Fittest (EP101)" - I don't tend to watch reality TV, but I'm fascinated by ballet and by the lives of elite performers in general, so I really enjoyed this episode. So far, at least, the show is doing a good job of balancing ballet stuff with soapy relationship stuff. I'm definitely looking forward to more.

Catching Up: Borgen, "Decency in the Middle (EP101)" - This Danish political drama is available free on LinkTV for a limited time, and I definitely recommend you check it out. It focuses on Moderate politician Birgitte Nyborg, somewhat unexpectedly thrust into the spotlight, and her family, staff, and rivals, as well as TV reporter Katrine Fonsmark, and the way their personal and professional lives all intertwine. Birgitte and her husband are already my new favorite political couple on TV, and her spin doctor Kasper is intriguing as well. The writing is strong, the characters are complex and real, and it's making me want to learn about Danish politics. Highly recommended.

On the list... The Killing, Veep, Girls, Drop Dead Diva, The Glades

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