Sunday, June 3, 2012

What I Watched: Magic City Finale & Common Law

(I think I missed a What I Watched post at some point in the midst of my funeral-related traveling, but I assume you'll all find a way to go on without listening to me say yet again that I like Dyson and Sarah Linden's sweaters. I think the only particularly noteworthy thing I watched that day was the Cougar Town finale, and I'll have a separate post about that show up soonish as part of a new series.)

Live+7: Magic City, "Time and Tide (EP108)" - This finale was a little quieter than I expected, with no huge surprises, but the show stayed solid all season, even if the storylines were a little uneven and occasionally confusing. I probably won't spend a lot of time thinking about this show while it's off, but I'll definitely be happy to pick it up again when it comes back next year.

Common Law, "Soul Mates (EP103)" - I'm liking this better as we get to know Wes and Travis as more than just caricatures, though I'm definitely caring about Wes a lot more than Travis so far. The case of the week was fine, but I do wish they would do more to show just why these two detectives are amazing enough at their jobs to make it worth putting up with their nonsense.

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