Thursday, June 7, 2012

What I Watched: Royal Pains Premiere & More

Live-ish: Royal Pains, "After the Fireworks (EP401)" - This was a fine premiere, but didn't do much to answer the questions about the route this season will take. Although, honestly, my burning question is whether Jill is actually leaving. (I hope not!) I'm sure Hank and Evan will be fine eventually, and presumably this deus ex giant fire will make them realize they love each other or something.

Catching Up: Fairly Legal, "Gimme Shelter (EP205)" & "What They Seem (EP206)" - This show is improving, I think, especially with the interpersonal stuff involving Justin and Lauren, but I still don't like Kate much and that still makes it frustrating. I REALLY liked that Ben turned Kate down, though. That made the show more interesting, so we'll see how that goes. Also, seriously, did Justin's rival think there would be no repercussions to telling Kate's stepmother that he was going to air Kate's dirty laundry? Think things through, people!

The Killing, "Missing (EP111)" - The Rosie Larsen case was put on hold as Linden and Holder searched for Linden's son, and I loved the showcase this gave to Holder's dedication to Linden. Their dynamic is probably now my favorite faux-reluctant (but actually love each other) partnership/friendship on TV, and I hope that doesn't get messed up in the episodes I have yet to see.

Borgen, "Count to 90 (EP102)" - Still impressed with this. Just have to make sure I have time to catch up before it's taken offline. Birgitte's marriage may be my favorite part, though I'm half-expecting some Big Secret to come out and ruin things, since that's how TV marriages usually work. I'm less invested in Katrine's story so far, but it's still interesting, and I hope Kasper goes back to work for Birgitte, as I liked their dynamic.

Hawaii Five-0, "Pilot (EP101)" - A few of my friends are really into this show, so I figured I'd try to catch up over the summer. I think I saw the pilot when it originally aired, but I didn't remember much, so I started over. It was cute! Looking forward to seeing more.

On the list... White Heat, Necessary Roughness

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