Friday, June 8, 2012

What I Watched: Saving Hope Premiere, Breaking Pointe, & More

Live-ish: Saving Hope, "Pilot (EP101)" - You can read my take at TheTelevixen here. Basically, I wasn't wild about this pilot, but like the cast enough to give it at least a few more weeks.

Breaking Pointe, "Which Life Do You Want to Lead? (EP102)" - My favorite part of this was meeting the rest of Rex and Ronald's family, and actually, Rex and Ronald's relationship is my favorite thing about the show overall. And, okay, I know these are real people, but there are a lot of similar/confusing names: two Katies, Ronnie and Ronald, married couple Christopher and Christiana, and brothers Rex, Ronnie, and Ray with sisters Abigail and Angelica and parents Dean and Dina. Really?

Catching Up: Fairly Legal, "Teenage Wasteland (EP207)" - It was fun seeing a little more of Kate's past and what made her the way she is, and the actual case was one of their more interesting. But it occurred to me that although the premise of the show is that she's a really good mediator, a lot of the plots revolve around her totally messing things up and needing Lauren or Justin or Leo or Ben to save her, and I think that's a real weakness of the show.

The Killing, "Beau Soleil (EP112)" - I'm in a weird place with this show because I know I should be thinking "They're about to wrap things up at the end of the season!" but I know that's not the case. I'm still really enjoying it, and I was very happy to see Jack's dad. I'd love to know more about that relationship.

On the list... Rookie Blue

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