Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What I Watched: White Heat, Veep, Girls

Live+7: White Heat, "The Personal Is Political (EP104)" - As this series continues, my feelings become more mixed: The huge time jumps let them visit different interesting periods of history, but make it hard to stay attached to the characters or even follow exactly what's going on with them. This week, I particularly loved Orla's support of Jay and his heartbreaking scene with his family.

Veep, "Full Disclosure (EP107)" - I wasn't as wild about this episode as I've been of some of the previous ones, but it was still solid and I'm still loving the show overall. I was really disappointed, though, that the pregnancy was dispensed with so quickly - I was hoping that they'd do something more interesting with that. Same with Ted, now that I think about it: I'd rather see the way they learned to negotiate the relationship rather than just have the quick joke of someone breaking up by proxy.

Girls, "Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too (EP108)" - Oh, Adam Adam Adam. I think Hannah and Adam's relationship is one of the most realistic I've seen on TV. The "angry guys" theme was well done. I also loved Marnie's wallowing (to Demi Lovato!) and her speech about how it's not fun being the uptight one. I'm really glad I've stuck with this show; it's been such an unexpected delight for me.

On the list... Teen Wolf, Lost Girl

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