Thursday, July 19, 2012


I've suddenly been struck by a weird (er, for me) mood in which I want to finish things. Finish projects around the house, finish knitting that's been languishing, finish books I've been picking at for months. Will it last? Probably not. But I might as well see what I can get done in the meantime, and maybe getting some long-running projects out of the way will free up some psychological space. Or something.

I'm going to two big fiber festivals in the fall - NY State Sheep and Wool (aka Rhinebeck) in October and Kid 'N Ewe in Texas in November - so I think my goal will be to get my knitting stash organized by then and to knit up enough stash that I have at least half a bin free for any new purchases. Will it work? We'll see. In any case, it means you should be seeing some more knitting around here. (So, um, sorry to those of you who come to read about TV.)

First, a shawl I finished last month:

The pattern is based on the shawls in the recent Jane Eyre movie, and it includes several variations, so I will definitely be making more of these while pretending that Michael Fassbender might show up at any moment. (Yarn is some Plymouth Galway from stash.)

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