Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A word about spoilers

The fall season is getting going, which means that spoiler alert madness is again out of control. (Yesterday a friend was yelled at for spoiling something that happened in a previous season of a show.) My basic philosophy is Read at Your Own Risk; I think if we start trying to bend over backwards to keep hidden anything anyone might not have seen, it gets very ridiculous very quickly. But I also think that not spoiling things until they've at least aired on the west coast is just basic decency. Yes, I'm looking at you, people who were running around spoiling Sons of Anarchy last night.

So, just so this is clear: On Twitter, I won't mention spoilers until at least the next day. (I may mention non-spoilering things, of course, but in general I try to avoid livetweeting shows.) In my What I Watched posts here, most regular plot is fair game, but I'll put a spoiler alert for big things (major character death, etc.). In any other posts, assume anything that has already aired is fair game, and I'll try to remember to mention any shows that will come up at the top of the post so you aren't surprised by thinking you're reading about one show you're current on and then coming across something about about a different show.

That all seem fair?

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