Thursday, September 20, 2012

Morning Coffee (9/20/12)

I don't necessarily agree with every word here, but it's a must-read: The Internet, Fan Culture, and Creators: A Blessing We Shouldn't Turn Into a Curse. Specifically, I don't think Moffat is the best example, because he does deliberately say things to get fans riled up. I'm personally more concerned about the showrunners who are consistently nice and thoughtful toward fans and still get death threats.

TV Show Titles by Gender: 1982 vs. 2012

Today in controversial restorations/makeovers: Macy's.

I want this to be a plot on Borgen, especially given Kasper's decision at the end of season two: Danish nurseries offer free childcare so parents can make more babies.

Ooh, fascinating: Stasi files: The world's biggest jigsaw puzzle

To go along with all the recent Richard III news, the BBC gives us a rundown of missing kings. And Oliver Cromwell, who probably would not be thrilled to be on that list.

Defying Parents, Some Pakistani Women Risk All to Marry Whom They Choose

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