Friday, September 28, 2012

Morning Coffee (9/28/12)

Recently at TheTelevixen: I have a feature with Bree Williamson about her new role on Haven (starting tonight!). And I did not like The Neighbors.

This article about a high school female quarterback is pretty heartwarming if you can avoid thinking about how football may be permanently damaging these kids.

They're making a movie of Girls Like Us (about Joni Mitchell/Carly Simon/Carole King)! With Taylor Swift! I... I'm cautiously optimistic.

This liveblog of the Vogue September issue made me actually want to buy it, so there's that. But hmm, is it off newsstands by now? Not sure.

Rebecca update: Things look promising.

June Thomas points out that decent procedurals are actually pretty brilliant.

Is this the real James Bond?

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