Monday, September 17, 2012

Trailer: Wuthering Heights

I had entirely forgotten this movie was evening happening, and while my Bronte preferences come down on the Jane Eyre side of things (and - confession - I've never actually made it the whole way through Wuthering Heights), I am very interested in the choice to finally use actors of color to play Heathcliff, breaking with the whitewashing tradition of (quite fine! not their fault!) actors like Tom Hardy and Ralph Fiennes and Peter Davison and Laurence Olivier. Brava, Andrea Arnold. Maybe I'll even manage to read the book.

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  1. This actually looks pretty good! I noticed one of the girls I work with at DISH reading the book while on break, and I asked what she thought of it. She said that she liked it so far, but the only reason she was reading it was because she has plans to watch the screen version with Tom Hardy this weekend. Since books tend to be better than movies and such, she wanted to fully experience the story before seeing someone else’s interpretation. I could care less about reading the book first so I added Wuthering Heights to my Blockbuster @Home queue. They had so many versions to choose from, which is a delight that rarely happens now a days with movies. I appreciate you posting the trailer of this version; it’s going onto my queue as well!