Saturday, September 29, 2012

What I Watched: Fringe Premiere, Haven, & More

Fringe, "Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 (EP501)" - Well. Fringe's final season is off to quite a start, and while part of me misses the "old" show - and I'd give a lot for a season covering 2012-2015 - I'm really glad that they're getting the chance to wrap things up the way they wanted, and fascinated by this new world. I'm the first to admit that I'm pretty much over dystopic stories in general, but I was very impressed by the world-building in this episode. And, as usual, the show managed a great blend of big plot with quiet character moments, though if the Bishops aren't back together by the finale, I will probably never forgive the people who convinced me to watch this show. But regardless of that, the four Bishops and Astrid working together makes me so freaking happy. I want Nina and Broyles back, though!

Haven, "Stay (EP302)" - After the great finale and premiere, I thought this second episode was a bit of a letdown. Too much monster-of-the-week, not enough mythology and character stuff. (And I don't have a problem with monster-of-the-week on this show; I just thought the balance felt off.) And I was annoyed by the way it looked at the end as though Audrey was going to use the information from Duke to distance herself from Nathan. I've never really bought this love triangle; I think Duke and Nathan's relationship is fascinating, but the tension/flirtation between Duke and Audrey always seemed forced, and Nathan and Audrey have amazing chemistry, care deeply about each other, and are compatible in practical ways, so I'm not convinced that she'd be looking elsewhere anyway.

Also: More LA Complex. Beth is driving me nuts, but she's really young, and I'm still surprisingly sympathetic to everyone else.

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