Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I Watched: HIMYM & Castle Premieres & More

How I Met Your Mother, "Farhampton (EP801)" - Can I tell you how much I do not care about Quinn OR Victoria? So I'm not so invested in . . . a good deal of this, I guess. THAT SAID, I am very invested in Robin and Barney, and now that we have confirmation that they will get married, I'm willing to be patient to see how it plays out. And I still love Marshall and Lily, and would like to see more of adorable baby Marvin, please. I no longer care much about stupid Ted and the stupid mother, but yay for progress on that front, anyway. Oh, and Barney's 60-second summary of the whole plot was the best thing ever. As was his storage unit.

Castle, "After the Storm (EP501)" - I loved this premiere, especially how adorable Castle and Beckett were together and how honest they were with each other. I'm very excited about this season going forward. My full recap will be up soon at TheTelevixen.

Bones, "The Partners in the Divorce (EP802)" - And on the flip side of what I just said about Castle, I loved that everything WASN'T happy and adorable on Bones. Booth and Brennan are actually fighting and confronting their problems and I love it. I've always liked this show, and them, but I've been feeling way less invested in it recently, and these first two episodes of the season have gotten me back on board.

Partners, "Pilot (EP101)" - My goodness, this was AWFUL. I don't think I smiled once. I know I didn't laugh. Review up tonight or tomorrow at TheTelevixen.

The Mob Doctor, "Family Secrets (EP102)" - I'm actually really enjoying this one, not that that's going to do me any good, since it will presumably be cancelled at any moment.

Major Crimes, "The Shame Game (EP107)" - I started watching this show purely because I love Mary McDonnell, but it's become very solid. I can't say I tend to care very much about the cases of the week, and this episode was no exception there, but the team dynamic is fascinating and I love the Rusty story.

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