Thursday, September 27, 2012

What I Watched: The Neighbors Premiere & More

The Neighbors, "Pilot (EP101)" - This . . . this was bad. It was relatively inoffensive, at least compared to other recent bad sitcoms, but it was bad. And I'm not just saying that because of the premise - I would totally watch a well-written comedy about aliens stranded in suburbia. But this . . . is not that. (My Pilot Perception post will be up at TheTelevixen tonight.)

Guys With Kids, "Chris' New Girlfriend (EP102)" - I don't think this is going to become my new favorite show or anything, but I continue to find it pleasant and full of adorable babies. Perfect for watching while multitasking, and frankly, I need some shows like that. And I have to admit that it made me laugh out loud again.

Revenge, "The First Chapter" - I found this recap show delightful, because a) it was narrated by and told from Nolan's point of view and b) a lot happens on this show so I didn't mind the refresher.

I also caught up on the last few episodes of Copper, which I am liking but maybe not loving. I certainly like it enough to watch, but I don't have tons to say about each episode. Although I like that they're focusing on characters from a range of backgrounds in theory, on an episode-to-episode basis it feels like they're spreading themselves too thin, and I have trouble getting invested in any of the stories.

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