Monday, September 24, 2012

What I Watched Returns: Emmys!

Well, today's the big day: premieres have been trickling in for a while now, but today is the official start of the fall TV season. And so, by semi-popular demand, my What I Watched feature is back. I felt like it was getting repetitive last time, so this go-round I will concentrate on saying a few things about the most interesting/current things I watched the night before, and just very quick takes on other things. Hopefully that will keep it from getting monotonous.

Last night, though, I just watched the Emmy awards; you can read my liveblog here. The show (and fashion) was fine but fairly underwhelming. Modern Family won everything, again, of course. But, you know, yay Maggie Smith? And now I'm even more excited about catching up on Homeland.

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