Monday, October 15, 2012

What I Watched: Homeland, Bomb Girls, Scandal

Homeland, "State of Independence (EP203)" - Whoa. Show. Whoa. You are Not Playing Around. I'm still bothered by some things that seem too coincidental or implausible, but it's so powerful and well-made that I'm willing to overlook that. Except, seriously, why would anyone send a famous war hero/congressman to do ANYTHING covert? But that semi-ridiculous set-up was made worth it by what Brody did in those woods. (I rewound my TiVo twice to make sure I'd actually seen what I thought I'd seen, because I was so shocked.) And the end, with Saul and Carrie . . . just wow.

Bomb Girls, "Armistice (EP105)" - I love what they're doing with Gladys and James's story. I was convinced that they would just have them implode, so I'm delighted that they're taking the more mature and less common route - at least so far - and letting them communicate and work things out - and make major changes, including with Gladys's father's company. Lorna's story has also been quite powerful, and I love the way Kate is blossoming, though I'm worried about that imploding too. Next week is the finale, and the promo looked very interesting, so yay.

Scandal, "The Other Woman (EP202)" - The "mistress of a great man" theme was a little heavy-handed, but the fact that it was so self-aware made it a little better - Olivia, Fitz, and Melly all very clearly saw the parallels, so it was less annoying than, say, some of the crazily coincidental Grey's Anatomy patients of the week. I still love Olivia and Fitz together, and hate that I love it, so, um, well done, Shonda? And most of the supporting characters and storylines are great, but I just don't care about Quinn's intrigue as much as the show wants me to.

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