Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Morning Coffee (11/14/12)

Hello! I'm back, theoretically, although I'll be traveling a lot from now through the holidays, so posting will be sporadic. But I should at least manage to post Morning Coffee a few times a week. Thanks for your understanding and support.

(Some of these links are old, but I'm catching up on my bookmarks.)

Crazy: Shark drops out of sky onto golf course

I just like this headline: Hey, Sexy Dino, Show Me Your Feathers

I'm sure this isn't actually the most ridiculous lawsuit ever, but it's up there.

Awesome: VP Biden suggests end cards on films to explain cost of piracy.

These book pumpkins are incredible.

Matt Bomer, Liv Tyler, and Patrick Wilson in a dramatic comedy IN SPACE? Sign me up.

I have mixed feelings about football, but this comic is pretty great.

Twenty Stories That Will Absolutely Run The Week 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Is Released

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