Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Maybe I'll watch The Voice.

I generally don't watch reality TV. I have nothing against it philosophically or anything (in general; certain shows are despicable in various ways), but I have to draw a line somewhere, and I just watch so much and reality stuff usually just interests me less so I ignore it. But I've been thinking I should watch a season of a music competition show, because they've become such a cultural thing. I guess I want to know what I'm missing. And I think that show will be The Voice, which ended last night but starts up again already in March, because a) a completely unscientific skimming of my Twitter feed suggests that people are general more positive about it than its competition, b) I have a few friends who cover it regularly so I might as well understand what they're talking about, and c) all else equal, the music show that puts Adam Levine's face on my TV seems the logical choice. (No, I actually like his music, too. Seriously.)

And hey, here's an adorable promo for season 4! Warning: This will earworm you.

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