Monday, December 17, 2012

Morning Coffee (12/17/12)

Today's links will all have some relation to the shooting in Newtown. I grew up about fifteen miles from there, and spent the weekend in my hometown, and with every connection, the tragedy became more heartbreaking and closer to home. My brother's friend teaches at the school; he managed to keep himself and his students safe, thank God. There were other, more ancillary connections, because these towns are small, but I did not personally know anyone who was lost. My thoughts are with those who did, and with the whole town.

I'm sure you all know where to find the latest news on the investigation. Here are a few other related links I found interesting or important.

How The Newtown Bee is covering Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting

My mother, a pediatrician, recommends these resources to help parents, teachers, and students cope.

Aurora survivor Stephen Barton: How Much Worse Does It Have To Get?

Gail Collins: "Every country has a sizable contingent of mentally ill citizens. We’re the one that gives them the technological power to play god."

Coincidentally, Friday was the twentieth anniversary of a deadly shooting at my alma mater. The father of one of the victims wrote this after Newtown: "Children will continue to pay for a freedom their elders enjoy."

And here's another good read about the aftermath of the shooting at Simon's Rock.

Programming note: One of the scheduled posts I pulled down on Friday will go up this afternoon. Normal posting will resume tomorrow.

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