Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Morning Coffee (12/18/12)

Going to split this in two sections because I know some people are avoiding reading Newtown stuff when they're not specifically looking for it. That will be at the end.

Here's a good profile of Tim Scott, just appointed to Sen. DeMint's seat by Gov. Haley.

Sen. Dan Inouye passed away yesterday. Read about his experiences in World War II.

Check out the Fox Holiday Card Maker.

HitFix's First Annual Television Critics' Poll is pretty fascinating.

Coming Soon: Nielsen Twitter TV Rating. That . . . that kind of scares me.

Norah Gaughan has some suggestions for TV knitting.

The Beatles, live in Hamburg.


JetBlue Delivers Cousin's Goodbye Letter to Newtown Child's Funeral

That Woman Is Not Adam Lanza’s Mother, and She’s Distracting Us From the Real Issue

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