Thursday, January 3, 2013

Now that season 2 of The Hour is over...

...well, my opinion has changed a bit. In my favorite shows of 2012 post, I said I was liking this season of The Hour but not loving it like last year, and commenter Nic asked me to check back in after the finale (which aired in the States last night). It turns out that while I still wasn't as captivated by the second season as I was by the first, the final hour did a good job of pulling everything together and of pulling me in.

In general, I still preferred the early days of The Hour (meaning the show within the show here), when Bel and company were such underdogs and everything was a thrilling struggle. And I KNOW the spy stuff was dumb but it was still spy stuff! The vice plot just didn't grab me this season - until this last episode, when it tied together beautifully. Oh, Hector. I'm so glad he wound up trying to do the right thing. Finally. I really do think he means well and just sometimes can't figure out how to cope with things not going his way.

  1. Who's the father of Marnie's baby??
  2. Lix and Randall's story was really the breakout of the season, no? That final scene between them in his office was incredible.
  3. I was never particularly a Bel/Freddie shipper - I really like their friendship, actually - but this last episode won me over there, too. "You are possible. You are possible with me." Swoon.
  4. Oh, FREDDIE. You must be okay. "Moneypenny." That ending was perfect.
Please please please, TV gods, give us another season to see how this all turns out!

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