Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Morning Coffee (2/13/13)

OH NO: The BBC cancelled The Hour.

I answered some fun interview questions over at Wine Stained Life.

As the child of a doctor, I sort of want to watch this Married to Medicine reality show about doctors' spouses/families. And, you know, presumably throw things.

We'd all like to think that this photo from the Grammys is of Adele yelling at Chris Brown on all our behalf, but sadly she tweeted that it was not.

In other Adele/Grammy news, Jennifer Lopez blocked a crasher from ruining Adele's moment. Aww.

I was atypical in many ways, but this Typical Day of a Teenage Girl in the Late 90s is still hilarious.

The CW has put the series premiere of Cult online early.

FX picked up their adaptation of Danish/Swedish series The Bridge and I'm very excited.

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  1. Puleeeze. . . I read the short blurb and am already yelling at the computer. These are NOT normal people, much less representative of doctors.