Thursday, March 14, 2013

Morning Coffee (3/14/13)

Google Reader is going away. Yes, now is the time to panic. So far, the best replacement I've found is The Old Reader, but I'll keep you updated. Read about migration and their future plans here.

And we have a new pope! Here's a profile of the man who would become Pope Francis.

Today in shows you should be watching: The Killing season two is now on Netflix, and previous seasons of The Good Wife have made it to Amazon Prime and will be on Hulu Plus in the fall.

Clear your calendars, Comcast customers: TV Catch-Up Week is coming.

Polaroid and Instagram are teaming up.

This piece about Bob Woodward's John Belushi book is fascinating.

A dark, live-action Beauty and the Beast? Yes, please.

Big Breaks for Blowjobs: The Dark Underbelly of the Miss USA Pageant

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