Friday, March 22, 2013

Morning Coffee (3/22/13)

Happy/fun/positive links for Friday!

To a very specific demographic, this will be the BEST THING EVER: Anne of Cleves Gables

New dinosaur species named after its five-year-old discoverer

Aww, adorable new baby pictures of the universe!

Castle fans, here are some photos from the milestone 100th episode.

I usually love Texas Monthly for its crime features, but they just hired a BARBECUE EDITOR and I find that delightful.

Nancy Pelosi's granddaughter would like you to know that only leaders of the free world have the authority to send her to bed.

Here's an adorable royal Tube appearance.

And here's a delightful interview with my boss, Maureen Johnson, about her books, Jack the Ripper, why mint chocolate chip is the best, and more.

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