Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Morning Coffee (4/17/13)

Boston bombing related:

The man who bought is a hero.

Because yes, there are already tons of "truthers."

This got me teary: Basically All of Boston Is Offering Stranded Runners a Warm Bed and a Fuzzy Dog

NPR's Peter Segal crossed the finish line right before the explosions. Here's his story.

TV critic Ryan McGee, whose office in Boston was put on lockdown, reflects. It's good. Read it.

Non-Boston related:

Well, this is terrible: A state rep from a few towns over referred to women as "vagina's" in an email to the official legislative listserv. I'm so outraged that I can barely find the energy to point out his bad grammar.

Income Inequality by Subway Stop

Read Todd VanDerWerff on how to save network TV.

Though I also agree with Alan Sepinwall that there's just too much good TV to keep up with it all.

This Definitive Ranking of Noodles from Worst to Best is mostly just VERY INCORRECT, but tortellini is totally "ravioli's fun older brother who will always buy you beer."

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