Friday, May 10, 2013

Morning Coffee (5/10/13)

Happy Friday! More of this than usual is TV-related, because it's a big TV news week. Sorry!

Foyle's War is coming back on September 15!!!!!!!!!!! I do not have enough exclamation points to express my feelings about this. (That link is to a press release that has a lot of other interesting PBS fall programming announcements, too.)

The CW picked up four new shows (including the one about sexy young Mary, Queen of Scots!) and NBC picked up four (here and here). Here are pictures from the NBC pickups.

In case you were also startled by your radio yesterday, yes, Sirius XM changed its lineup.

Yay: Neil Patrick Harris is hosting the Tonys again.

The Bletchley Circle was renewed! This was a really good postwar feminist crime drama - definitely worth a look.

Brittany villages blazing a trail in energy self-sufficiency

Why F. Scott Fitzgerald Is All Over the Dictionary

Two Lifelong Peas in a Pod

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