Thursday, July 18, 2013

Morning Coffee (7/18/13)

TV fans: Emmy nominations should be coming within the hour, so I'll probably update this post to link to them. Check back if you care!

I have a LOT of issues with this list of the supposed 22 All-Time Hottest Hunks of PBS. Namely: No one from Foyle's War, no Jonny Lee Miller, no Rupert Penry-Jones. WHAT? (I do have to give them points for correctly putting Laurence Fox in first place. I have a lot of Hathaway feelings.)

More vampire graves!

Rhythmic gymnastics scandal!

Nifty: Andretti Autosport Joins Eco-Friendly Formula E Championship

How aerial photographs tracked down Hitler's flying bombs

I really need to read Barbara Pym.

This test for British five-year-olds is insane.

The Victorian Commons blog has been around for a year now, and you should really check it out if you're into that kind of thing.


  1. Do we have to disclose our score on the test for 5 year olds?!?!

  2. Holy fuck, if that is what Britain is teaching their 5 year olds, no wonder we are so far behind the rest if the world. Pretty sure multiplication wasn't taught until at least 3rd grade when I was in school, geometry came later than that, and story problems were jr high. And I thought I was pretty well educated. Missed one on the test for kinders.