Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy First Day of School!

No, I'm not going to school. (I wish!) But today is the first day back in both my hometown and the city where I now live, and I can hear the children who live in my apartment complex congregating outside as I write this, and it just feels like the start of something, you know? September has always felt more like a new year to me than January ever does - especially since it means the end of the hot weather that makes me feel like I can barely function, let alone be creative or productive. So I'm taking this first day of school as a time to reassess, to regroup, to start getting myself back into my normal routine that I've let slip a bit over the past few months. I want to be reading more, writing more, watching more, knitting more (Christmas is coming!), thinking more - and that school bus outside seems like as good an impetus as any.

What does that mean for this blog? More posts, I hope! (And more consistent linking to things I write elsewhere.) Much as I love compiling Morning Coffee, I never intended for that to be virtually all I do here. What would you like to see me write about in this space? TV stuff? Book reviews? Knitting? Food? More pictures? Ramblings about the Issues Of The Day or whatever random thing catches my fancy (like this post, I guess)? I'm sure I'll end up just posting whatever strikes me, but it would be great to know what interests those of you who are reading.

And to those of you who are headed back to school, or are sending your kids - good luck! I hope everything goes wonderfully! Sharpen a pencil for me!

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