Friday, August 9, 2013

Morning Coffee (8/9/13)

Happy Friday!

I (uncharacteristically enough) posted two things after Morning Coffee yesterday, so if you missed them: here's why I liked Broadchurch and here's a rant about Doctor Who and the "fake geek girls" myth.

Sad news: Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Mertz/Barbara Michaels has died. I love her books.

Okay, back to Friday happy. Ooh, Mira Nair's upcoming Bengali Detective sounds fun.

Clarence House now seems to be Instagramming St. James's Palace, which is just delightfully meta.

Curiosity has been on Mars for a year and played "Happy Birthday" to itself. I can't.

Ooh, pretty university libraries.

An early short story by Stieg Larsson is being published, but they rather buried the lede here: the anthology it's in is called A Darker Shade of Sweden, just in case all the rest of those Swedish crime novels are TOO LIGHT AND HAPPY for you.

The Scholastic Book Club is back!

Monaco's having two royal weddings!

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  1. omigosh the Scholastic/Troll flyers from the 80s brought on a "queer funny ache". I am sure that those very flyers crossed my desk when I was little. Most of the time we didn't have the spare money to order from them, or else I would forget to bring my order in on time, but I do remember the thrill of Book Order Day. I know I have a book of horse stories from Scholastic, and I think I bought some Mad Libs and a kitten poster from them too. Thank you for sharing that. :-)