Friday, November 15, 2013

Morning Coffee (11/15/13)

Happy Friday!

If you're a Bones fan worried about the show's move to Friday (tonight!), check out what Marisa and Sarah have to say at Give Me My Remote.

I promise my friend Libby's post On BETRAYAL is not going where you think it is and is indeed suitable for Happy Friday.

If this is true, then I actually more or less agree with People about the Sexiest Man Alive for maybe the first time in recent memory. (I mean, maybe I wouldn't put him FIRST on the list, depending on my mood, but it is a Solid Choice.)

OMG, a zonkey!

Now I want to make Thanksgiving cocktails for our guests.

Hee! Literary Airlines

Burt's Bees Stages Classic Works of Literature in Six-Second Vines

These Biblical infographics are fascinating, and some are quite beautiful.

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