Friday, December 6, 2013

Morning Coffee (12/6/13)

Happy Friday!

I usually wouldn't think I'd link to an obituary from THE ONION, but this is kind of great: Nelson Mandela Becomes First Politician To Be Missed

I can't believe I never knew about the Beatles' Christmas recordings.

My friend Nicole has some great advice for minimizing holiday stress.

Wow. Check out Christmas cats TV.

In 1930, people were very concerned about the dangerous crossword puzzle habit.

Hee: Do you 'ship absurd fictional couples? This music video is for you.

Whoa, they've digitally reconstructed the tombs planned for Henry Fitzroy and Thomas Howard.

Malinda Lo's Adaptation keeps showing up on Elementary.

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  1. If you 'ship absurd fictional couples, this game is for you. New Hampshire made!