Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Morning Coffee (3/11/14)

My friends Holly and Carrie do a Veronica Mars podcast, and I (along with several other guests) went on to talk about our predictions for the movie. Here's the non-spoilery section and the spoilery section. In the spoilery section you get to hear me swear, sort of, which doesn't happen often.

Who Creates Drama At HBO? Very Few Women Or People Of Color

I am so excited for Suffragette, for several reasons, but also because it's the first film shot in the Houses of Parliament.

Eee, I want to go to the Star Trek theme park.

Do you want an explainer explainer? Of course you do.

Interesting: Newly identified dinosaur fauna sheds light on evolution

Is it wrong that I kind of want to play this?

Yes, there's a BuzzFeed quiz for everything. Which Biblical heroine are you?

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