Thursday, March 20, 2014

Morning Coffee (3/20/14)

So I guess it's theoretically spring. This Winter Wasn’t the Coldest, But It Was One of the Most Miserable.

Whoa: The Observer is no longer pink.

Veronica Mars fans, here's a fascinating interview with the movie's costume designer.

Six Reasons You Need To Watch 'Enlisted'

This is fascinating and talks about Sleepy Hollow a lot: A Linguist Explains What Old-School British Accents Sounded Like

Adorable: During breaks on the Trophy Wife set, Marcia Gay Harden reads Harry Potter books to Albert Tsai. And does the voices.

Think that "bulletproof" screen protector is really bulletproof? Nope. (They actually shot at it!)

Which TV/Movie High School Would You Attend?

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