Thursday, March 27, 2014

Morning Coffee (3/27/14)

Dahlia Lithwick is always worth a read: Is the Contraception Mandate Doomed?

Related: When Did We Decide It Was OK to Let Our Bosses Choose Our Health Insurance?

Wow: Northwestern football players are unionizing.

If you can make it the whole way through this article about "the first tech pinup magazine" without hitting anything/anyone, you deserve a cookie. My commentary on the entire thing can be summarized as "NOPE."

Author Barry Lyga says important things about creator/fan interaction (especially when said fans are teens) in Remember That They're Kids and follow-up Male Guilt, Hugs, and More.

And my friend Heather Vee says other important things about fandom in Thoughts on PaleyFest, Etiquette & Fan Experience.

Are You Cynical Enough to Hate Upworthy? (Yes. Maybe. It's complicated.)

The hardest quiz ever: Can You Control Your Inner Pedant?

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