Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Morning Coffee (4/29/14)

Fox is doing a live televised production of Grease, and . . . this could be great or terrible or hilarrible, depending on the casting.

Whoa, they restored A Hard Day's Night and it will be in theaters in July. Wonder if it'll be nearby?

Gene Demby is always worth a read: What Exactly Qualifies As 'Racist,' Anyway?

I'm still on the library waiting list for the Piketty book, so this Matt Yglesias piece was useful.

The Cheerleaders Rise Up

Well done, Slate: London Human Rights Lawyer Amal Alamuddin Is Engaged

Men who use nicknames for women to win fights are creepy, sexist and dumb

What a linguist found when she analyzed the opening credits to 50 TV shows

Hee: Mom Packs Encouraging Note in Own Lunch

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