Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Morning Coffee (6/25/14)

Oh, no, Eli Wallach has died. (Have we talked about how much I love The Holiday? Now I will tear up even more at his scenes, I'm sure.)

Joe Dorsey’s Big Fight: How An Unknown Boxer Knocked Out Segregation In Louisiana

The Kiss That Changed Video Games

Did you see that viral tweet about someone's mother asking to be addressed as "Doctor" in a deposition? Here's the story behind it, and it makes it even better.

Ooh: Box containing Christmas gifts from Royal Family to World War One soldiers discovered

People keep buying Emily Schultz's novel Joyland thinking it's Stephen King's. Here's what she's doing with the money. Awesome.

Why Nicholas Sparks Matters Now

The Onion, but, you know, basically true: Study: Average American Tries Getting Out Of 10,000 Things Each Year

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