Friday, June 27, 2014

Morning Coffee (6/27/14)

Happy Friday!

My friend Holly started an extremely important new Tumblr: Hiatus Beards

Okay, not exactly happy, but adorable: Prince Harry Recalls Princess Diana's Death, Cries in Brazil While Meeting With Local Kids

Eee, it's real! Here's the first still from the new season of The Killing.

Here's the promo for Hallmark Channel's Christmas in July week, which is pretty much proof that God loves us.

19 Dilemmas Every Book Lover Has Faced at Least Once

How to Tell If You're in a Dorothy Parker Story

The Onion, perfect as usual: Conversations Pretty Limited When Friend Not In Midst Of Crisis

27 Joys And Struggles Of Growing Up In An Italian-American Family

Women Listening To Men In Western Art History

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