Thursday, July 17, 2014

Morning Coffee (7/17/14)

Jill Abramson did an interview with Cosmo, and I love how much high-profile serious stuff Cosmo has been doing lately.

Apparently Amazon is testing an ebook subscription program, and if it works for people, that's great, but I'm having trouble getting past my "OMG that's called a library, you guys, and it's free" reaction.

I'm slightly skeptical about the Rainbow Brite reboot, but we'll see.

Ooh, Ron Howard is doing an authorized Beatles documentary.

Dance School Diaries? I'm in.

What Happened When We Gave Our Daughter My Last Name

This scientific journal just had to retract 60 papers. How does that even happen?

This article is a few months old now, but I just came across it and it's really fascinating: The Devil and the Art Dealer

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