Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Morning Coffee (8/27/14)

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday - technical difficulties.

Zara has pulled its wildly misguided "sheriff" shirt for children featuring stripes and a big yellow star. For what it's worth, I believe them that it wasn't intended as a Holocaust reference, but someone somewhere along the way should have said "Hey, wait a minute . . ." long before it got to the point of going on sale to the public.

In other "someone should have considered how this would look" news, the British embassy sparks anger for tweet celebrating 1814 White House burning.

Who wants to come see Rainbow Rowell in Cambridge with me? (MA, not England.)

And in other local-ish news, this is INSANE: The Strange & Curious Tale of the Last True Hermit

The Emmys put Sofia Vergara on a rotating pedestal, and it was terrible

Hi, I'm the one person you know who is completely and unironically excited for season three of The Newsroom.

My friend Christine writes hilarious Reign recaps and has also started sharing history links. Highly recommended.

Also via Christine: The National Archives (U.K.) offers Latin tutorials!!

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