Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Morning Coffee (9/17/14)

Red Band Society premieres tonight on Fox. I really liked it.

Oh yay, NASA is resuming manned space flights.

Update on the Rotherham story: Police Chief Quits Over Child Sexual Abuse Scandal in English Town

Interesting: In N.H., Marilinda Garcia Offers Test for New-Look GOP

Veronica Mars fans, the episode of online meta-spinoff Play It Again, Dick is now available. (I couldn't get it to play on Chrome and had to use IE.)

5 Things I Learned as the Internet's Most Hated Person

I love that the Queen owns something called The Tutti Frutti Bouquet Brooch.

This article about pumpkin spice marketing is interesting, but I feel like it concentrates too much on the smell and taste and pumpkin pie connection and ignores what I think is probably the most genius part of this trend, which is getting people to associate the "pumpkin spice" flavor - primarily cinnamon and nutmeg - with the visual symbols of Halloween jack-o'-lanterns and Thanksgiving/fall/harvest pumpkins/gourds, and getting to people's nostalgia and seasonal/holiday feelings that way.

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