Friday, September 19, 2014

Morning Coffee (9/19/14)

Happy Friday!

(Non-happy interlude - here's my review of new show The Mysteries of Laura. It's a terrible show.)

Scotland voted no, so the scotch industry is happy.

For some reason I'd never taken the weekly Slate news quiz before today, but it's fun! I recommend it!

Speaking of Slate, the CultureFest is doing a live show in Boston.

Connie Britton and Kirsten Gillibrand were roommates during a study abroad program and everything is amazing.

Heeeee: 18 New New York Times Bestseller Lists That Will Change The Way You Think About Bestseller Lists

Oh my God: Thin Mints & Samoas Are Now Drinkable

Dirtbag Teddy Roosevelt

Heh: Ranking the Cast of 'This Is Where I Leave You' by Emmys, Jewishness, and Every Other Important Metric

I think some of these Gilmore Girls facts are pretty well known, but it's still a fun list.

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